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Hiking Guides and Resources

Looking for the best gear to suit your next outdoor adventure? Our hiking gear guides provide you the latest information on what to wear, where to find the right equipment, and tips and advice on taking your adventures to the next level.

Hiking Clothing

We demand a lot from our clothing: it must keep us warm, breathe easy, dry quickly, and shield us from wind, rain, and scorching sun. We’ll guide you on what hiking clothes to wear and how to layer effectively—no matter the season.

If you try hiking in a pair of shoes that is either too flimsy or too sturdy, you might end up with sore feet, blisters, or worse. We’ll guide you and help identify the criteria that are most important to you so that you can find a model that fits your needs best.

Hiking Backpacks

Since you will be wearing the backpack almost constantly throughout your trip, choosing the appropriate backpack is one of the most crucial decisions you will make

The Best Way To Carry Water While Hiking

A good water system is just as important as having the right pair of hiking boots – it’s not just about having enough water, it’s also about having a container that will hold up to the rigors of the trail.

Before we can wish you and your pups safe travels on your upcoming outdoor adventure, read up on some common pre-hike precautions to take and discover more about the best dog hiking gear we’ve tried and approved.

Explore some of the world’s most breathtaking natural trails with our hiking trails guides and resources! Get insider tips on hidden gems and off-the-beaten paths, as well as safety information for every level of hiker. Read up and find your next great adventure!

The US has some of the most diverse areas in terms of climate, flora and terrain, making it the perfect destination for hikers to explore nature at its finest

Canada has an abundance of natural beauty, and when you get away from the cities, you can find trails of all different levels.

Explore the best hiking trails in Europe! From the Swiss Alps to the Scottish Highlands, discover breathtaking landscapes and unforgettable experiences.

Oceania is home to numerous dreamy islands and some of the best natural wonders, from lush rainforests to gorgeous beaches

South America is home to beautiful sand dunes, clear waters, and mountainous terrain. There is no shortage of interesting and challenging trail options.

Hiking with Dogs

Welcome to our Hiking Blog. Nice to e-meet you!

We are a team of avid hikers who love to share our hiking experiences with others. We believe that hiking is the best way to discover a destination “off the beaten track” and at your own pace. Our goal is to provide you with inspiration, tips, and tricks so that you can prepare for your next hike and have an amazing experience.

We’re here because we know how important it is to be prepared before you go on any adventure—especially if it involves hiking through some of the most beautiful places in the world. But let’s face it: No matter how much research you do before setting out on your next outdoor adventure, there are always going to be things that surprise you along the way—that’s part of what makes them fun!

Our goal is to help make sure that none of those surprises catch you off guard by providing you with all the information necessary for a successful trip.

Latest Insights From The Hiking World

Let us take you on a journey through the outdoors with our hiking blog. From interesting trails to essential gear, we provide all the information and tips to make sure your trip is enjoyable and safe. Come explore with us!

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